It Gets Bitter

Truly upset about American idol tonight. No spoilers but obviously it was Caleb and Jena that wouldn’t keep the group together this week. I mean, they wouldn’t even look poor Sam in the face. Whoops. Spoiler.

I think sam needs to bang a bunch of guys and girls (he looks bi) and then come back to AI in a few years with some fucking life experience in his eyes. Ugh he will be such a fox in like 5 years.

Reflections on a month long sabbatical

I go back to work in a day after a month of vacation days that I had to use up. Unfortunately I had no money to go anywhere, but I had big plans.

-learn Spanish
-take cooking lessons
-put on a play (Macbeth?)
-learn to play guitar so I can write Taylor swift type songs
-write a tawdry mystery novel

What I actually did:

-marry my couch and watch Netflix for a month
-seriously, bates motel, law and order svu, vicar of Dibley, murder she wrote, etc.
-I did have a day of monopoly the drinking game and I lost both games so obviously I should never own property irl
-my grandma took me out to play VLTs and I won 20$ which I immediately spent on vodka. Like, immediately.

Basically I am not ready to go back to work.

Today has been super productive. I woke up, took a shower, blew up the air mattress and moved it to the living room so I could drink a box of wine and watch the premiere of Lindsay.

AKA dream life. Like TLC I am waiting for my hour long special.

Not a big deal

This is literally not a big deal, just a gripe. I’m watching season 8 of Law & Order SVU and on the episode Connie Nielsen is introduced she has a thick New York accent, and then in the rest of the episodes she regresses to her native Danish accent.

Ugh like this is killing me.

(Hopefully I remember this post when some real life grown up problem happens to me and I can reminisce about the time this was my biggest issue)

Watching Texas Chainsaw

Besides this movie being terrible, how is leatherface better at cardio than I am? Like he is running around chasing nimrods and I can barely walk up a flight of stairs.

Student debt

I only have one more payment next month and then I am free from the annoying shackles of student debt.

In other news, I’ve spent all day watching The Vicar or Dibley so that university nonsense really worked out well for me.

If I get hit by a bus before I make this payment I will be so bitched.

Another dream

Here it is:

I picked up one of my old uni textbooks except it was critical essays on the movie Scream and the first essay was queer analysis of the movie and how the female characters were symbols for gay men.

I feel like I need to pursue this. Like is it a thing already? Can we discuss how Casey, Sydney and Tatum are unisex names?

Ugh I wish I was unconscious more.